More horsepower than less? on 1993 BMW 325i

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i've been driving this car for about a year now, and its my first car. so yes, im just a kid. but i was wondering if it is normal for the car to really have alot of torque when the engine is cold. by more torque i mean, when i push on the gas a little bit it gets up to speed really fast but then after its warmed up and at regular temperature it feels sluggish. sometimes. when i leave a red light. and i press the gas a little. it will like hesitate before it goes into gear and starts moving, btw. it's an automatic. and has 170,000 miles on it.
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A loss of power when the car warms up/reaches normal operating temperature may be due to a restricted catalytic converter or exhaust, or a loss of fuel pressure or volume, perhaps a fuel pump that is failing. Cheapest thing to try first: change the fuel filter, check your air filter, check or replace your spark plugs (all simple maintenance items any way). If you don't feel an improvement fuel pressure/fuel volume, and other tests to check mechanical integrity of your engine and proper engine electronic control functions are in order and will have to be carried out by someone with BMW experience.