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Thanks for your answer Sinautoscan,but it didnt solve my problem. Anymore ideas? First, I checked the fuse box under the driver side, No blown fuse there. I checked all the bulbs for the internal ligthing and although only one bulb is busted I decided to change all five of them just to make sure but still nothing happened. To make matters worst, now the lights by the door that turns on when you open itis also gone. Please help coz' Im in the dark here literally. -
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Hello . what was the original problem , or the problem you are having now , maybe i can help you -
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how long will you be online, i will research this, give me 10 15 min -
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hello , check all the fuses in the fuse box , it is located on the driver side , at the lower kick panel ,, also check the underhood fuse box , let me know what you find -
Answer 2
Hey mastertech, here is the original question: "All the internal lights of my Honda odyssey 2000 just went out! How can I make it work again, Where can I found the fuse box for it." -
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