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Honda Civic Mold on AC evaporator

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Evaporators can collect mold and give off a foul smell. Disinfecting the evaporator or replacing it will address this issue.
I noticed a moldy smell in my car that just started smelling out of nowhere. I took the car to two car cleaning places. Finally I noticed that air conditioning stopped working. I took the car to my mechanic. He did some research on the internet and found this same problem. Right now, my car is not fixed. He is having trouble ordering the chemical to put into the car. Apparently, it's hard to come by. I think Honda should pay for the fix. It's not wear and tear, it's Honda's fault for the defect. Not fair. -
Getting into high heat and more humidity of monsoon season in Tucson; AC now giving off smell of mold when I turn it on -- affecting allergies in my eyes! How to stop this?! -
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