Chrysler Town & Country Problem Report

Chrysler Town & Country Moan/Fog Horn Sound May Be Heard While Turning at Slow Speed

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A moaning or fog horn sound may be heard while turning at a slow speed. Installing a finned power steering cooler will help alleviate the problem, but it may be necessary to replace the power steering rack.

Replaced power steering pump, but still makes the noise -
moaning or loud noises occur when I turn the vehicle - haven't had it repaired but may need a new power steering reservoir, the steering rack is leaking on rt side. -
We had the same moaning noise and had the stearing replaced for around 760.00 but two years later the same noise is back. Not sure what to do now. -
moaning/grinding noise when turning steering wheel at slow speed -
fog horn/moan rack leaking -
Moaning noise when turning at low speeds. Did not hear this at high speeds. Thunking noise sometimes heard on tight turns and no response when turning. Mechanic will be replacing just the Rack, not the Pinion for $760.00. Will see if this fixes the issue. -
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