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Mitsubishi Expo LRV Reviews and Owner Comments

4 Reviews
Mitsubishi Expo LRVOwner Reviews (4 reviews)
  • 1992 Mitsubishi Expo LRV
    , Inglewood, CA, February 12, 2013 23:14
    I am not getting Fire. Changed cap, rotor, battery, distributor and fuel pump too.Considering possible relay or the computer brain to be the culprit, as to why I am not getting fire to start my car. Where is the relay that sends fire/spark?
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  • 1994 Mitsubishi Expo LRV
    , Los Angeles, CA, February 25, 2012 13:59
    Parents bought the 95 Expo and I inherited the car when I left to college. The car is still kicking along with 170,000 and counting. The transmission was rebuilt at around 80,000 and replaced it with a used transmission at around 110,000 and I haven't had any major issues since. The engine is a underpowered and it can be felt when their are 4 or more passengers.
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  • 1994 Mitsubishi Expo LRV
    , Mesa, AZ, November 10, 2010 18:23
    With 112000 miles on it, our LRV has been a very reliable car. The weak spot seems to be electrcal issues. Heater fan failed 2X, driver side power window failed 3X, pass window failed 2X and headlights wiring at fuse box failed. The A/T failed at 109000 but was rebuilt and is reliable again. This vehicle is very flexible and easy to drive. I would buy another one when this one is finished.
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  • 1993 Mitsubishi Expo LRV
    , Tucson, AZ, June 10, 2010 20:40
    My Expo LRV was purchased in 9/93 with 13K miles on it . I've had it for 17 years, and In 2010 it has 61K miles and is still in excellent condition. Several parts have been replaced as needed, but the engine still runs like a champ. This car is classic quality and I admire the Mitsubishi designers.
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