2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Questions

Answered 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Questions

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the dipstick is always way above the hot sign but ive drained a lot of it.
after I changed my battery The idle is very low to the point that when I stop the car almost died it is mitsubitshi montero sport 2003
I bought this a year ago and have no history/repair knowledge. thanks
I was trying to find an online repair manual but zero luck. When the AC is turned on, there is a squealing sound, little bit of cold seeping from the vents, but no air blowing.
I am trying to replace a broken stud on my Montero Sport LS, BUT I can not push the old one out since there no space behind it, what should I do? I appreciate any help, much better by a video.
I want to replace fuel pump.where do I start?
I don't know which way to turn the bolt. Clockwise or Counter Clockwise/
i have a replacement for it and i just need to know if there is anything specific about dropping it and what is involved with the fuel lines ? please help i really need my truck it is my life line to work and live !!
i have a new starter and battery, engine started ran a few minutes, i turned it off then it would start again
my timing sliped when ther car overheated an decided to fix it my self insted of paying 2500. as i get into things i notice that the crank ant the driver side came are both lined up with the timing marks an the passen...
I have changed the transmission fluid and filte and nothing has chaned. Cold there be vacuum hose that is off or worse problems. Changing the fluid and filter did not help at all.
I took my car to the shop on Saturday, I asked them to do my tune up & major service,they go to do the work and come tell me that there is oil where my spark plugs so i asked what does that mean, the guy say will im g...