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my car runs fine until it gets warmed up then starts back firing like it needs gas then dies
I know it had to do with the transmission but I don't know what it could be.
Is there a way to pump it sum back in? Plus my 4 wheel wont lock back into 2 wheel.
went all the way the to past 16V, which on this car is over charging. The digital compass and tempeture would go off and on. When ever I can to a stop light and was just setting, not under throttle it would all go bac...
The old one had chunks knocked off the edges. It seemed like extreme wear. The mechanic din't install it right and when I got to the shop, the pin wasn't even there anymore.
My truck blows cold air when the rpms are below 2000. The blower motor works. I tried changing the thermostat and that didnt fix it. Fluid levels are good. I dont understand what else it may be. Please help.
everytime i start the engine shortly after within seconds you get a strong gas fume smell, not an exhaust smell but more of a gasoline smell, any ideas as to why that is? i have taken it to the repair shop a few time...
got up the other morning and went to warm the truck and after 20 mins got in and the truck was not warm, had to leave so went to take the kid to school and the heater started blowing, it does everytime i am driving bu...
Where can I find instructions to remove the radio so I can retrieve serial # to get the code to reset it
just got this car... how do I replace the headlight bulb on my 1997 Montero Sport? is this something easily done? I do not usually work on cars, but figured I should be able to do this.
air condition does't work,when I dirve hit a hole,
I would like to know the firing order of the spark plugs. I took them out, and replaced them. Now the engine is missing. I think I got the wires crossed.
Everything seems fine, but I don't want to over pressurize system to effect cycling problem. May be something else
how do you change the spark plugs is there any way i can get around the intake manafold