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I need some info as soon as possible...Broke when I mashed clutch in .. on the left side of bell housing ..
Had a rebuilt engine put in, then had lifter noise. New head and lifters done, still has lifter noise. Has anyone experienced this?
i have replaced all the ignition equipment and haave searcherd all the wiring schematic done all the trouble trees and the only part i can not find is the diode relay which is in the circuit.
dude my battery is new, then after i use my mghty max take her for a spin, after i shut off the engine then i start it again it wont start, sounds like the batt is drain and the engine cranks very slowly, sometimes it...
I'm replacing the Timing Belt in my truck. I have the front cover off ond the broken timing belt removed. What are the next steps I need to take? I know I have to line the timing marks up, but I'm not sure what they l...
I would like to known what the spark plug gap setting isfor a 1991 mitsubishi might max pickup with a2.4L engine.