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Replaced distributor thought it was cam or crank sensor replaced ecu when it doesn't start it is not getting a spark if you keep clicking the ignition eventually it usually will start thanks for any advise don't know ...
1st hint of trouble - truck took a few more seconds of cranking before it started after work. 2nd hint of trouble - same the next day. 3rd strike out - engine cranks but will not start. Mechanic says the ECM is not...
so the truck wont start if it sits and cools off but if i use eather then it will start and run just fine but if i shut it off and start it up right away it will start i need help thanks
where is the starter switch in a 89 mighty max?
Will start perfectly and run at idle or even holding gas pedal down alittle but will only run for about 30 - 45 seconds then just stalls immediately. Will restart and just keep stalling 30 seconds later. what could b...
I cant seem to find a way to remove my cigarette lighter. It's actually an 87 and i can see the previous owner(s) had the same problem