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Check the fuses they are all fuses,
Ckeck the alternativer, its good When we started the car it will charge the battery
They cannot get an error code. They said it could be something in the wiring but would hv to take apart my dash at 120$ an hr and that still might not be it. At an idle it shutters and in neutral it does not. Had to h...
My car is reeving really high when I start it. It seems to be ok once I get going but drops a little low if I stop at lights. My radio keeps going off but then comes back on again. When I turned my car lights on at ...
i will have to let them check the tires,
the night it vibrate a lot when the ac on
i change the front wheel bearing and the front brakes but it is still rumbling underneath it when i am driving
i just need to know where the fuses ,relays and resistiros are located on the vhicle its self \
also just need to know where all of the relays fuses and anything else that has to do with the heater ,located on the vehicle
I went to the dealer because the car was waisting the oil, but it did not have any leaks, they check the car and say it was a valve, they call the mitusubishi and ask permission to open the motor without my permission...
What type of coolant fluid for a 2010 Mitsubishi lancer (not an evo)
how often to change the transmission fluid in a lancer?
the requierd maintenance light is still comin on my car and i just did the oil change how do i reset this