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car startedt to buck but came back on go home went to start the car an hour later and nothing works
My heater won't work
i have a 2000 galant just bought it a couple of months ago i recently have had issues with keeping the rmps at a steady pace when im at a stop sign/light. They seam to end up dropping so low that the car turns off...i...
All motor mounts were replaced and the top of my engine was rebuilt 5 years ago and the problem was minimized. The problem is still happening and it is just getting worst. I have taken my car to Mitsubishi dealer and...
red hot when i start the car. and the car will not stay runing .
My car has been sitting for about 6 months and somebody tried to break into it and ruied my ignition. now it won't start and I was wondering how much it will cost me to replace it.