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windows work but my remote for the doors don't . we removed the starter and had auto zone checked it nothing wrong with it.we can pop the clutch and runs fine.?????? can any one help me please ?
to do with me not being able to go into 1st or 2nd gear (manual transmission)
I would like to know about reporting a potential insurance fraud issue, coupled with employment underpayment. I am dealing with a mechanic who receives estimates from the insurance company for a repair. The estimate...
Freeze frame data: Fuel system 1 : open loop - drive " " 2 : " " " Calculated load: 40.7% Engine coolant temp: -40.7F STFT Bank 1 : 0.0% LTFT Bank 1 : -0.7% STFT Bank 2 : 0.0% LTFT...
coil also gets hot ans burns oiut.I canged plugs ,coils,woores,coolant sens,cam sens,crnkshft sensor,fault sensor ,iac,tps ansd relays and also gets power please HELP
Ok here's my problem. I let my car sit for a few weeks. Started it and went to a gas station and filled up. Went to work without any issues. When I went on my lunch break my car stalled about a mile down the road. ...
We just bought a 2001 Spyder Eclipse. We do not know when or if the timing belts has ever been replaced. How can we check its condition. What is the ballpark figure if it needs replacing? Thanks!
Looking to buy one, but the heat in it is bad, and I need to know how much it would be to fix ir
Will start with a jump start and runs until it runs out of power , has new battery and alternator on it . Just will not stay charged . Dash board loses power then car cuts off and will not start until it jumped starte...
was driving on main road transmission went out run running 55 was in drive but none of the gears are working
I change rotor and cap car wont start.when it did start it wont go over 25 0r 35 mph
Failed smog computer code non igsistent in book