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First noticed windows didnt work. Then noticed heater. Also the headlights come on as soon as i turn the key and dont turn off. Please help
Clutch was working fine no problem went into store come back out it won't go into gear? ?
Hello I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.0 Non Turbo 420a. One day i was driving my car and all of a sudden the car lost power. I stepped and stepped on the throttle but the car wouldn't pick up the speed it had no po...
loud knock noise after shifting from 4th. to 5th. gear
cranks good took out 1 plug cranked over don't see a spark. what should I try next?
i mean in terms of mileage, engine, transmission problems...
my eclipse is a 1998 I replaced the valve cover gasket, tube seals and plugs and about 2 weeks later there was white smoke and gas coming out of my tail pipe. to pass smog test they cleaned egr port
car year is 1989
My 99 eclipse needs a new battery, because i'm a girl everytime I have something replaced, I end up finding out I have been over charged! So, instead of paying an excessive amount, what is the estimated cost of a new ...
Have replaced the ignition lock but has not eliminated the problem. Sometimes it will start and sometimes nothing happens.
I have had problems with my transmission lately. It is slipping once it gets into the high gears. From 3rd to 4th Is there a fix to this without having to have it rebuilt?
i have a 1999 mitsubishi eclise gs with a blown head gasket. i cant get the crank pulley off. bought a repair manual completly worth less.. says to put a racket on there and stick screw drive threw hole to hold pulley...