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i have to wait a few hours or a day then it will start again
i have put a new injector and a computer that I got out the junk yard in it and its still dumping gas
Had to list Mitsubishi Eclipse for 1.8 engine.
I runs perfect once started but as soon as you shut it off it won't start till the next day
bought a new one had someone to put it on for me. when they was replacing it the tool that they were using touch metal and I heard a light pop noise. after that I started having problems with my alternator. my inside ...
I have bought 3 new alternators and they all keep going bad
It jerks only in reverse and the error code showed up i checked it and it came out as p1750 any suggestions??
"I bought a 96 gs non turbo eclipse less than a month ago and it runs pretty good but my problem is it wont start after it gets hot . It does crank fine when it's cold . so why won't it crank when it is hot . And it h...
i have a 1996 eclipse gs and everything time im driving it stalls on me and i fix eveything i could think it would be and it was not my problem i dont kno what do to..in order for me to turn on the car i have to disco...
remove d oxygen sensor put additional washer on it check engine s out does it means d problem on my oxygen sensor s fixed
Bought d car with check engine light on so i bought a car diagnostic tool (car md ) test registered problem speed sensor n fuel pressure regulator but after a month check engine went out but i did not work on the prob...
how to diagnose and repair oxygen sensor code po 141
this is the first time, cluch goes down very easy and stick shifter is stuck in first gear and will not move.
my check engine light has came on like 2 days ago and when that came up my rpms have been dropping to (300-400) when it in idle (park) or at a stop sign/light and the engine seem like it want to died. i also seems to ...