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I dont hear any noise or anything like that just real hard to go into any gear. Ill appreciate the help
My car wont start when its hot an my coolant overflow tank starts to bubble.when i open it the coolant is not clear it looks black an when i pour it out you can see the coolants actual color (green)
I just put a head on this engine and oil is spilling out of my radiator hose the lower ine what could it b
after I bought a new battery, my car started reving/idling high while in park
the cooling fan does not turn on ever,causing car to start overheating.. temp gauge gets warm/hot
I took off the fly wheel to straighten it out but now the bolt patterns do not match up. I can only get about two screws in properly.
The sunroof is almost shut but it will not shut all the way.
it might be crank sensor?
I have replaced fuel pump relay,ignitionrelay,idle control valve, crankshaft sensor ignition switch, and had ECU reprogrammed by A-1 cardone. Car will shut down sometimes while idling and sometimes at 70mph. It seems ...
wont jump or key start but will push start, could it be anything else?
The pressure guage for the oil is sky high. what do i do?
srs lite on. Was told when I purchased the used vehicle that the pass. air bag was replaced and the lite was never reset. I have been told only the dealer can reset it.
The trans. may not shift out of 1st gear for several drive times in a row , then it may not occur for several weeks. I have had to stop on the side of the road and turn it off for atleast 2 min. , then restart it,...
common for automatic transmissions to have problems around 100,000.00 mikes
My problem is with the transmission. It is an automatic and the problem is sometimes it will not shift out of 1st gear so I have to pull over and turn it off and on again then it will be ok for a while. There is no fo...