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tried to jump it, no good and tried security system..hummm
The head lights stay on then the car is shut off, and key is removed and the door is opened.
under the car trans. oil run out lake hose or bolt is lose or felt down
while driving nutral light started blinking carhesitated when applied gas at green light.bucked the started to drive but still with nutral light blinking
would not drive forward the bucked and started to drive with nutral light still blinking
the cruise control light works on dash board but it will not hold any speed. Is there something that could cause this that wont cost an arm and leg to fix it?
No air coming out air vents. I can hear the blower run. I checked fuses and are OK. I disconnected the battery and reconnected it. If there is a relay where is it located. All controls seem to be fine. Help!! Denny
Vibration through frame, and moderate clanking noises under the hood suddenly occur while driving the car, which clear up after I stop the car and restart the motor. It works smoothly then upon restarting , but it hap...
what are some reasons my gas hand stop working