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when lights off have heavy brake action at very low speed. I know I need computer reset but delaying because of 200mi round trip to dealership. what damage, if any, by delaying computer reset?
The car horn does not sound anymore when the remote locks the door
When you turn the wheel it whines sometimes and stutters like its low on fluid. Fluid level is fine. It feels likes it pulses when you turn the wheel. Any help would be greatly appreciated
coolant is leaking slowly. added stop leak and it has nearly stoped leaking. still just not quite normal.
I was driving one day recently, stopped for the lights(car is idling) I heard a continuos popping sound and the service engine soon light came on, I drove with it for 5 miles it stayed on . The next day took it to Aut...
Or do I have to replace entire power steering rack. I put fluid in at least twice per week. A mechanic looked and said I need to replace rack.
What are the original tire sizea or ranges for this model?
car was out of gas, replenished the tank, now it wont start or release the key. it doesn't even try to turn over.
Hi, I have multiple EGR codes including insufficient flow, fuel is too lean, one or the catalytic convertor and one other. I've had the EGR Valve, Valve Sensor, Vacuum Control Switch, and EGR Solenoid Replaced but th...
What specific oil SAE is use for its maintenance (oil change)?
When I turn my wheel right or left without accelleration, I feel a knocking. When driving and turning, this does not happen. Could this be my power steering pump? I did a little research and I know this is a comple...