1999 Mitsubishi Diamante Questions

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I have ruled out fuses and relays. I suspect it may be my switch. About how much with a switch cost me? I also tried changing the bulbs that didn't work either.

1999 Mitsubishi Galant

It is showing I have a bad crankshaft position sensor but I can not find the location

The front fog lights below will not come on and was wondering if they have another switch to use to turn on/off?

Purchased 1999 Mitsubishi Diamante. Replaced the valve cover gasket, needs brake pads/rotors/transmission fluid changed. Love the car has good power, ac very cold but the ac button dial has to be played with to change the temperature.

sometimes I can stop the tapping noise by turning on the air conditioner and turning temp dial up or down till it stops. Sometimes it will eventually stop on its own. I don't want to do more damage--does anyone know what's going on.

tring to set timing for belt replacement

Car was stalling out. Replaced battery because several times the car would be completly dead. isolated the circut by using a circut tester and tested fuses. The tester would show that the batter was in full use when the doors would be open however when the doors closed it would remain the same. When the assist ECU was disconnected it would sometimes show the same thing or would not. Have done the same with the 3 different instrument panel ECU and still having problems. I don't want to replace the ECU control boxes, ETA CS ECU because the testing that I have done has not been consistent to this problem.

Is does not look like the backup lights ever worked on the Diamante.
Are these
commonly not hooked up?

Does the California DMV inspect back-up lights when it goes through and inspection of brakes and lights?