miss at idle but runs good. on 2003 Mazda B2300

i have a b2300 and it started missing pretty bad at idle but once i take off it drives good, it had a code for miss of course so i replace the plugs. my question is i can spray sum b-12 by the power steering pump and the idle picks up like it should so i replace the gaskets on the intake pletium. replaced hoses also, put everything back and it still does the same, has anyon ever had this problem? need alittle help thks!

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Find and repair your vacuum leak! That's it. Maybe use a straw on a can of WD-40 to pinpoint it more. Just dont spray it on an ignition source!
i did and guess wht rite behind where the power steering pump is had a vacuum leak. its hard to explain but the flap inside the black top intake, on the side has a small round cover tht pop off i guess, temp fix i used silicone and it runs perfect! so to others tht have this similar problem, check tht out first. thks for the reply. but dont use silicone cuz it will suck it in the head and cause more problems, simple repair. replace it.
Well i am glad you figured it out!