Misfire cylinders 2 &3 on 2002 Hyundai Accent

CEL flashes when slowing down or driving slowly. Scanned CEL and code shows misfire on cylinders 2 & 3. My stepdaughter has replaced numerous parts, most recently the ignition coil pack, to no avail. Any suggestions?

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How is the compression in the cylinders? Also, did your step daughter use factory parts. After market parts don't fair very well on these. Also one must use the EXACT plug that is called for, not a platinum substitute. Since the misfires are on adjacent cylinders, did the car ever over heat? Meaning the misfire could not be caused by an ignition problem.
Thanks for the info. She has already went back home, so wasn't able to perform compression check. I wanted to, but ran out of time. I have emailed this info to her, hopefully someone there (WV) can help her.
BTW, I have a 2004 Elantra with a question posted but haven't recieved a reply. Can you help?