Misfire codes po302 and po304 on 2005 Dodge Neon

Hi guys, I have a misfire code on #2 it went away while doing a (running)compression test. Now I only have an open injector curcuit code on #4. Just woundering how can a misfire code dissapear on #2 while doing a compression test on it?

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could be a cracked plug or maybe it was also a bad connection at plug
How can a misfire code disappear on #2 while doing a compression test on it? Now I have a #4 open injector code? I swapped over spark plugs, wires and injectors. cleared codes each time codes didn't follow. New o2 and coil, code didn't go away until compression test. Has 100,000 miles and a new timing belt 1 month ago.
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When doing compression test , did you check dry and then check after adding some oil to cylinder? Also , what are the comp. readings for all cyl. dry/wet?
I only dry tested it. The readings matched for cylinder 1 and 2. That's when I had a missfire on 2. The missfire code is no longer there....for now.
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