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Mazda MPV Misfire and Check Engine Light Due to Failed Ignition Coil

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Defective or worn out ignition coils can cause engine misfires and Check Engine Light illumination. If the problem is severe enough engine performance will suffer and the Check Engine light will flash on and off.

About 86k and at in 2011 coil 4 was misfiring. Water of course. I changed it only to think I should go ahead and change all plugs and coils (I used 100% OEM). Now I got 92K in 2012 and coil 3 is misfiring. Here we go again. Thanks Mazda! This next repair will be the 4th time I gotten to the back bank of plugs. I not only used OEM, I made sure to use dielectric grease with each coil and it still didn't stop it. Maybe I got a bad one but after reading about people taking it to the stealership and having the same problem I'm just plain fed up! Now I have the cheap 6 pack of coils with good Amazon reviews on order (under $100 shipped) and a six pack cold in the fridge for the next time. I'm going to spend about 3 hours to change one spark plug and one coil pack. To keep sane I will have a couple of drinks before starting this repair! This will be the first and last transversely mounted v-6 I buy. I think I'll buy some fire resistant weather stripping for the hood to see if it can prevent the water intrusion that seems to causing all of this. I'll have to try that just see if this stops the problem. To everyone in the same boat, my heart go's out 2 all of ya!-Rich -
Had Coil/Plug issue at 135K caused ROUGH idle and hesitation while driving... Fixed and no engine issues. -
Rough idle, power loss, check engine light on and/or flashing. Second time in past 2 years. -
Specific engine coils and spark plugs, then all replaced (90k)...corrosion in the coils. About a year later, mechanic finds water in the cylinders and suggests that water is entering the engine due to a faulty design. Engine is running rough again (100k), lots of hestitation and definitely not the powerful van it once was...Will have the engine seal checked as another person suggests, thanks! Update (103K): Engine seal is fine. Mechanic will create a diversion for the water hitting the rear engine coils. I will again replace all coils and utilize the diversion in hopes that the coils will last longer...I did call a Mazda dealer who was kind enough to tell me that the coils only last 1-2 yrs for whatever reason and that he did not know of a repair for it apart from continuing to change them. :( I have never had the check engine light come on...which would be nice so I know which coil needs replacing. Ebay has them cheap with a lifetime warrenty. I'm going that route. Update Feb, 2012(104k): Engine finally came on...One bad coil. Replaced all coils and plugs (purchased coils on ebay). Mechanic created a system with fireproof tape to divert water away from rear engine coils...however, he said that the coil did not have water corrosion this time and therefore he was not sure this will eliviate the issue. Running great for now! Update Feb, 2014(133k): Last year we had the leaky PCV Valve...Now a Bad coil again, #6 this time (front). It lasted two years which is a record so far. Mechanic recommends replacing all of the coils, plugs...wants $1400. That's about 1/2 value of my vehicle at this point. Pretty fed up with replacing the coils all the time. It's obviously a defect in design. We only replaced coil #6. We'll see how long it'll be before it starts acting up again. -
I have the same problem with the cylinder 2 coil. can anyone help? check engine light flashes on and off -
Still an issue with 90K on the vehicle. I went to 1 mechanic who suggested I may have a water intrusion problem into the engine compartment. We opened the hood and sure enough....the rubber gasket the seals the top of the engine compartment against a closed hood had failed. I just ordered the part for $25 and popped a new one in. I still have to replace the failed IC...but this should help reduce the water/melted snow getting into the top rear of the engine. -
The engine hesitates/chugs after driving in snow for 40 minutes or more- no other time. Continues to hesitate about every 5 minutes or so. Check engine light has not come on. Took it in to dealer, said they couldn't repair it w/o check engine light on, but speculated it was coils. It happened on our '04 MPV as well. -
Same problem. -
Engine light kept coming on due to misfire. Had coil and plug replaced, which lasted a week, and light came on again. Finally had all coils done. Best to have them completed all at once to save $$ in labor. -
Went out while still under warranty (just), and again at approx. 90k. Both times the engine light came on and the engine was hesitating slightly. Then one went out again approx. 1500 miles later (local mechanic said it may just have been a bad coil from the manufacturer however the engine hesitated so bad I could barely drive the van to the shop that time around). -
when it rains or is damp out, the car feels like it is going to stall and the check engine light flashes. been a reoccurring problem for years now. replaced one coil already about one year ago. its back again. -
Feb. 2010 replaced spark plugs and ignition coil #2 and #3 Sept. 2011 replaced ignition coil #5 Catalytic convertor had to be replaced. Out of warranty by 300 miles! July 2014 replaced ignition coil #6 Jan. 2, 2015 going back in for ignition problem again. This is the last Mazda auto that I will purchase. Ray Anderson -
runs ruff hesitates mileage down -
Misfiring # 2 cylinder. Check lite on code po3o2. Replaced coil ,plugs and wires by AAA repair 4/25/12. At 128482 check lite on again. Probably the same problem 12/6/2014 -
ignition coils have need to be replaced on multiple occasions. There should be a recall on this. -
I to have the misfire caused by defective coils. Ive had 5 of the 6 replaced and looks like i now need the last one replaced since the infamous engine stutter and engine light has come on again. I will NEVER buy another Mazda. -
I wish this were fixed! I just brought my misfiring 2004 Mazda MPV to a repair shop. They worked on it for two days! They tried replacing all the coils to no avail, they found a broken hose and fixed that but the engine continues to chug. The check engine light is not currently on, though it does stay on for days at a time. Engine reader gives nothing. -
I believe we've replaced 3 or 4 ignition coils already. Is there a recall yet? My vehicle is under 100,000. This is just ridiculous. We're still paying for this used vehicle and this is not a cheap fix. -
2 coils blew on my Mazda at 47000 miles and a 3rd blew at 90000. -
Had to replace total of 4 ignition coils in vehicle replaced and these failure let to replacement of catalytic converter/exhaust system. Catalytic converter was out of warranty! -
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