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2002 Pontiac Grand Am Question: misfire

misfire; catalitic converter got hot; trac off light on? service engine soon light blinking. checked: plugs replaced catalic converter removed no change -
Answer 1
You'll need to determine the cause of teh misfire. See this article for more information: http://repairpal.com/OBD-Code-P0300 -
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The ignition coil housing may fail causing an engine misfire on one or more cylinders.
...g the thermostat. (it was stuck open) We got that replaced and then tried to start the car, it misfired 3 times so we shut it off and put a code reader on it and it came up with P0300 Random misfir...
I have a 96' pontiac Grand Am, and after I got my tune up done my car wants to start misfiring bc of the canister and coil. Now after I got those fixed my car is saying I have a crack in vacuum hos...
...stic was overwhelming. I'm thinking it's the housing unit and the scanner pulled up code D0300 misfire on spark plug 3 which is new. So my real question is what is the underlying problem and will t...
.../TR/REC-html40/loose.dtd"> The spark plug wire rubber boots may get soaked with oil, causing a misfire or rough idle.