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2000 Cadillac DeVille Question: misfire

i changed plugs on car.the car is still running ruff and the service engine is flashing.what will cause this and how do i fix -
Answer 1
A "Check Engine Light " that comes on while the car is being driven is a sign the car's computer sees a drivability problem that has increased the emission output of your engine. A "Check Engine Light " that flashes signals a serious problem that needs to be attended to immediately. Your car has a 16 pin diagnostic socket under the dash that stores valuable information in diagnosing the problem. The computer in your car stores codes indicating what are the problem lies and live sensor values and information. -
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I drove thru a puddle of water and the service engine light came on and now it has a misfire worse at idle speed.I have changed the spark plugs no help.What could the water have affected?