Minor oil leak on 2000 Porsche Boxster S

Hi, I need some input I love my 2000 Porsche Boxster but not sure what to do. I found a few small oil spots in my driveway so I brought it to the local import repair shop before my extended warranty expires. He told me I need to replace my gasket valve, o-ring and oil net so I asked him how much it will cost to repair he said he does not repair leaks. This doesn’t sit right with me. I only had a few small oil spots in my driveway. Do you think he is feeding me a line because I am a girl? Thoughts?

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There are some shops that will not address oil leaks. For an inexperienced shop oil leaks can be very hard to find. You need to find another Porsche friendly shop.
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You have to find a shop that work on Porsche . The Boxter is a mid engine car not that easy to work on and some shop may not feel comfortable to work on due to lack of experience.