Have new turbo. Torqued all bolts to spec. No apparent vaccum leaks.
First problem happens every day. Second problem happens after matting the throttle.

Last month my 2009 mini cooper s wouldn't start.It made a strange noise, A estimate came in at $ 3,886, It has 124.500 miles. I discovered the warranty ran out at 11200 miles. The shops said it needed a timing chain,gears and tenisors. Also cylinder head gaskets,there is a oil leak as well. Really need a second opinion. On a fixed income, would it be better to by the parts an just work on labor? How much would the repair cost?

I have also experienced the car locking it's self whilst still running and I was outside. Also a panel on the windscreen is coming off.

Runs & drives fine. Reg maintenance on oil, tires, brakes, brake fluid etc. -> Fuel rail froze 3 or 4 times this winter. Car would run rough 'till warm, then fine after restart. (I'd let it idle for a few minutes then shut off and it would start/run fine.) Half-shaded CEL until 1 or 2 'regular' starts; then CEL off.

My Mini Cooper electronic shift malfunction light came on and I'm concerned because I'm a road trip what should I do? How bad could it be?