Mini Cooper S - Problems starting on 2004 Mini Cooper S

Every morning when I start my Mini, I need to crank the starter motor for at least 4-5 seconds. After doing so, the car starts and runs perfectly fine. If I immediately turn the car off and try to turn it on again, it starts up without a problem. However, if I leave the car for more than 5 minutes, I need to crank the starter for another 4-5 seconds before the car will run. When I first took it into the dealership about a year ago, they told me it was a bad battery, so they replaced this along with one of the belts. Of course, this didn't solve the problem. I then took it in again a couple weeks later at which point they replaced the spark plugs and cleaned the fuel injectors. This, too, didn't solve the problem. Since I use my car to commute every day to work, I've just put up with the problem. Unfortunately, however, the time it takes to start seems to be getting longer by the week. Any thoughts on what this might be? Many thanks in advance.

by in Seattle, WA on May 04, 2010
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ANSWER by on June 03, 2010
My new 2010 Mini S from Seattle Mini does the same thing. I thought it was because I wasn't pushing the starter button down long enough, but it continues to do this. It's a little better when the engine is warm. The service department said there may be carbon build-up and it needs to be cleaned. She said there have been issues with the S.
COMMENT by on June 08, 2010
Sounds like your problem may be the same thing as what I had. Another shop I took my car into suggested the same thing - that it was a carbon build up. Problem is, when they cleaned the injectors, etc. it didn't really make any difference. And by the time they got around to doing this, the engine was already warm so they couldn't reproduce... I took the car into the dealership a couple weeks ago and told them to re-examine the problem. They told me that the fuel pump and regulator needed to be replaced, which I did. Been driving the car around for about a week ago and it seems to have fixed the problem - the car starts up in less than a second. Fortunately for you, your car is still under warranty. The fuel pump and regulator was a US$ 1,300 job.
COMMENT by on July 28, 2011
that happened to me too!i just had that carbon build up removed and now after 3 days my 2010 mini wont start at all!the keys are stuck in the ignition and im having it towed tomorrow!what a pain!
COMMENT by on September 18, 2012
2009 Mini Clubman S .... after driving in a rain storm the Mini began to sputter on cold start and not reach smooth rpm for a minute or two. I sometimes have to try restarting a couple times. When the engine is warm it usually starts no problem. I had the dealership check it out and they said it was carbon build-up but would not guarantee the repair. I got the Mini back after the $620 carbon clean out and noticed the engine light was still on, and at the next cold start, same thing happened. Now I am concerned that it will need a $1300 fuel pump repair based on the above replies ...
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