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175 Heater Rd., Lebanon, NH 03766

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Miller Volvo
November 18, 2010

NEVER AGAIN! I took my car in last month for an oil change because they have a deal of 3 free oil changes w/ a purchase of one. Went there, got my oil change, and then they told me that my brake pads are very thin and the mechanics told me he doesn't feel safe if I drove the car away. I got the front brakes changed for $540. Then, to my surprise, found that they overcharged like crazy because they claim to have Chrysler parts. Even the Miller Cadillac (as opposed to the Miller Dodge I went to) across the street does it for $150 cheaper. I spoke to the customer service the following day, the rep spoke to the supervisor, who made a phone call and simply wrote down on my bill that the other Miller uses after-market parts. WELL, NO ONE TOLD ME THAT THE MILLER PRICES WILL BE DIFFERENT, even though they are across the street from one another. THE SUPERVISOR ALSO DIDN'T COME OUT TO GREET ME EVEN THOUGH I WAS STANDING OUTSIDE HIS OFFICE. IMAGINE THAT.... A CUSTOMER COMING IN W/ A COMPLAINT AND HE DOESN'T EVEN COME OUT TO CONFRONT ME. Thanks a million for the terrible service and pricing. Also, my front brake rotors are already rusting from rain, which are the so-called Chrsyler parts. My rear brake rotors, which I got one week after and are after-market parts, are still extremely shiny even though it suffered the same rain.

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