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5425 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys, CA 91401

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Miller Nissan
January 02, 2011

***PLEASE READ MY REVIEW....& SAVE YOURSELF THE NIGHTMARE!!!....I took my car here to Miller Nissan Van Nuys for a power window on the driver side that would not roll up or down correctly. I just wanted an estimate but the service “advisor” told me that they would have to tear the door apart first to see what was the real problem. I suspected a bad window motor so I let them do their business. He calls me an hour later telling me that they’re gonna have to replace the window motor and regulator because they are shot....and I am already $$$ into it because of the labor done so far in removing the panels of the door. I reluctantly agreed for them to go ahead with the rest of the repair because the forecast called for heavy continuous rain for several days ahead. Hours later, advisor calls and tells me my car is ready and I go to pick it up. He had a weird “guilty” look on his face and told me that while they were fixing my window motor, they accidently put a scratch on my window tint!!!...I was NOT happy!! with what went down and he offered to have the tint re-done at their tint place down the street. I instead, took it my original tint place to have it re-done because I wasn’t confident that they could match the original tint and i would have Miller Nissan flip for the bill. BUT BEFORE I could even do that, the next day, I noticed 3 DENTS on the lower part of my driver side door coming from the INSIDE!!!!.... meaning the metal was PUNCHED through the door from the inside of the door and the paint was completely chipped off on the outside..... not a scratch... DENTS!!!!... so whoever was the idiot “technician” that worked on my car, for some insane reason...decides to punch through the metal of the door with some sharp object!!!!....WHAT THE HELL?????!!!!!.... the service director comes out and I voice my anger... the kicker is...they WASHED my car and gave it back to me....without saying ONE word about the dents!!!!.... like nothing had happened and that I would not notice!!.... I told the service director that they are the most DISHONEST garage/dealership!!...washing my car, giving it back to me and not saying one goddamn word!!!. He says the the action of one tech guy should not reflect on the whole of Miller Nissan...really???... these are the people that you’re hiring to fix people’s cars???...thats YOUR team back there!!! .... so i came in with a perfectly good door, now there is a scratch in the tint and DENTS on the metal of the car!!!!....they offered to have it fixed but NEVER again will I come back to Miller Nissan for any kind of service because you’ll be ripped off from high prices AND you will have UNQUALIFIED, SHADY “tech” and “advisors” totally WRECKING the condition of your car!!!!....these guys are the WORST.... STAY AWAY!!!!...if i can give NEGATIVE 5 stars, i would!!.... pardon my French but... F*CK MILLER NISSAN, VAN NUYS!!!!

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