Mileage to empty and gas gauge not resetting on 2005 Ford Five Hundred

This is the second time this happened. The first time was on last fill up about a week ago. Gas gauge was slow to move up after tank was filled and the "mileage to empty" began to adjust as the gas gauge slowly moved. This time the gas gauge did not go past 1/2 full and the "mileage to empty" stayed at 168 miles to empty after filling.

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What ended up happening with this? I just had this problem last night. Filled it up from 1/4 tank and it barely moved. Turned it off and back on and nothing. Decided to drive home an it took over 25 minutes to get up close to full. The pump kicked off on it's own so I know it was full. Local body shop said it has two "senders" in the tank that transmit information. One is about $350 and the other is $150. It cost $80 for the diagnostic. Hoping you found a cheaper fix... Thanks! My email is if you could email me that would be great.