2005 Ford Five Hundred Q&A

2005 Ford Five Hundred Question: Mileage is not the same on the vin report then the car

I bought the car with 66k for $6,700 I didn't bother to get a carfax. When I did check the carfax report it said the car has 160k and it is only work $5,000 thats a big lose. is there any way there was a mistake? -
Answer 1
Yes there's a chance for a mistake, if a human entered the info into the computer . also look on the drivers door are all around the door frame are for any stickers that indicate odometer change or say TMU.also I'm in Va. but I think california is pretty strict on emissions (from what I hear) you should be able to get previous inspection records somehow and that may give you a better indication of the actual miles. -