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2003 Ford Ranger Question: Might buy a 2013 Ranger. Airbag light stays... how much does it cost to fix?

Used 2013 Ranger with 95K miles. Excellent condition but airbag light stays on. Is this a huge problem or can be fixed by mechanic... how much does it cost? Should I have the seller fix it? Or take off the price? -
Answer 1
Have the seller fix it before you buy it!! Could be expensive for you after the fact. Make sure it is actually FIXED! One question, how the heck can so many (95,000) miles be on a 2013? -
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Whoops... I meanet 2003 -
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The SRS (air bag) system can be scanned. May want to have this done to see what your options are. -
Answer 2
scan test for airbag codes ,could be a crash sensor -