Mielage light not working on 2002 Honda CR-V

How do you change it? Do I have to go through the dash?? Dumb girl...

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You are not dumb, you may have a problem with your instrument cluster.
Thanks Danndd...what area is that in? I have checked fuses and I don't see any listed for mileage light.
How weird, I am just receiving this answer on 9/17/10...I still haven't fixed my light. It is the only one I have to go in through the dash?? I didn't see a fuse labled for mileage light...Thanks again!!! Betsy
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There is a great video on you tube. There a few light bulbs in the instrument cluster. You have to remove the cluster (you tube video) it is really easy. I'm a girl and I've done it a few times, 5 srews and it comes a part like lego. Honda only charges .5 of an hour to change your light bulbs. Your cluster is not broken.