metal shavings on 2007 Mazda CX-7

Had to have condenser replaced at 33,000 miles. dealership replaced seized condenser and shredded belts. It's been 2 weeks and have metal shavings on passenger side floor board. will call dealership in am, want a second opinion. Do I need a compressor now?, condenser bad?

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Metal shavings will always come from the compressor, so if they found them in the system and they didn't recommend replacing the compressor then they really messed up. Are you sure the condenser was replaced and not the compressor? Did they flush the system to remove other metal shavings?
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Does your a/c still work ?You didn't say whether it stopped working your statement just says metal shavings on pass. floor. If they replaced the evaporator then having debris on the inside of the car would be possible.ONE suggestion, as upset as you might be , don't go in all pissed off and demanding ! their repairs and any damages as a result of a possible error on the techs /defective parts would/should be covered.
Whenever you have the A/C compressor replaced, you should have the accumulator/drier and orfice tube replaced at the same time, along with a chemical flush of the system. This is to ensure that the system is free of blockages and metal shavings from the bad compressor. However when the system is closed back up and charged it is a closed system. You would not be getting metal shavings on your floor board from the inside of the a/c lines. The evaporator coil gets cold and the fan blows through the coil to produce cold air in the car. the metal shavings have to be coming from another source.