Message on panel keep coming on: check front left parking lamp on 2008 Mercedes-Benz C300

The problem occurs when the lights are turned on.

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You have a lamp out. It may not be easily visible because most M-B's have back-up bulbs that will turn on if one is out. Also, unless you are over the milage warranty, the repair should be free.
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I am having problem with my passenger side light. Bulb was changed and I can't see when lights are dim. It looks like a drape is over light. I have taken car in 4 times, and I have to take back again. They acknowlege problem but do not know how to fix. I feel service guy messed up something when he changed bulb the first time.
I was having the same issue w/my 09 C300. I found that I have not seated the bulb properly and it was sitting in the socket at a slight angle. Once I seated them, my low beams efficiency improved dramatically. Hope this helps