Mercury Monterey Reviews

Mercury Monterey Reviews and Owner Comments

Information center went after 48000 miles.
I bought a 04 mercury monterey with 60,000 miles on it. The carfax was impressive. Every maintenance record EVER from the dealership. I now have 75,000 miles on it and for some damn reason it randomly sputters and dies... Now the rear latch has stopped working. I took apart the rear hatch skin and everything is HEAVILY rusted. The body is also showing rust all over the rockers. I will never buy another ford or mercury again!!
My husband and I purchased our van in 2005 with 24000 miles on it. Van ran great with minimal maintenance until approx 1 yr ago when the transmission went out without any warning whatsoever. From what I have read we were lucky to have made it as many miles as we did because consumers were having the same problem with very low mileage. For the last year we have done nothing but work on this van. We have replaced the transmission....twice...thankfully the 2nd one was covered by the mechanics warranty. We have replaced sensors, valves and recently the coil. This has added up to a lot of money to say the least and it is sitting in the driveway right now waiting for yet another tow. Oh and to top all that....we found out the transmission is under recall and have been waiting 6 months for a letter to take to the dealership so we can get some of our money back. Even though it has already been repaired and the dealership has checked it to make sure its been repaired properly, we are told by Ford we have to wait for a letter to arrive from them before processing the recall. The hold up according to customer service is they have to allow time to make parts of which we have told them we don't need because it has already been fixed. Since this issue obviously affects thousands of customers, you have think they would have made allowances for those who had already made repairs. We are totally disgusted by the whole situation. Mercury needs to step it up.
We bought a 2007 Monterey a couple of weeks ago with 12,700 miles (yes 12K) and have encountered a few issues i.e. when AC or lights were on the left blinker blinked rapidly and headlights 9day running lights?) were dim (vehicle would turn off) - that turned out to be a ground to the frame was broken (cheap repair). Other issues include water coming in the right sliding door during heavy rain when vehicle is braking or turning left on flat road, windshield seal loose and hot/cold heating switch for drivers side not working.
I bought a used 2004 Mercury Monterey aprox. 9 months ago. It ran great! Then 2 days ago it started stalling while in idle. If you tried to accelerate it made a noise not quite a sqeeling but similiar. If you let the van warm up more then 10-15 minutes then take off if still runs beautiful. My concern is this started yesterday afternoon and hasn't stopped yet. Everytime I start it it does the same thing at first Stalls w/in 2 minutes yet it restarts fine. Another kinda strange little thing is the odometer light area is fine then dims so light you can see it. While the van is working properly if you do a system check everything show okay. No faults, No issues. What could be the reasoning? Is this a real F.O.R.D ( fix or repair daily ) type of car also known as a lemon?
Transmission went at under 100,000, well maintained. Information center went at just under 200,000, other than that normal wear and tear and many enjoyable miles.
this is the worst vehicle I have ever owned, nothing but major problems- a/c blew at only 2 yrs old, transmission replaced at 76,000 miles (have never towed anything), electrical problems ranging form burning out my 6player cd to brake light sticking on. I will NEVER buy another mercury!
Good solid vehicle though inferior fit and finish as compared to Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna. So far has been very good on maintenance.
The control buttons on the dash are easy to punch out by pushing the buttons. The air conditioning is unpredictable. Seems to pick its own time to cool or heat. Brakes wear out with relatively low mileage, calipers rust and stick.

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