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The sensor side has a white,black, white. The car side of the plug has a blue/yellow,black. The blue/yellow has broken off and the pigtail for my van is obsolete. Would like to cut out the plug and splice the wires.
I know nothing about vehicles so it's hard to explain the issue correctly. It started with rpm gauge jumping up and down. Van was jerking... then heard a knocking noise followed by what sounded like metal getting cau...
My car was getting hot so I took it to a mechanic and he says he flushed out the water pump and when I asked him where it was because it was right on top he says now it's undeneath by the timing belt. I've never heard...
I can lock my car at night before I go to bed, and in the morning when I get up, it will be unlocked. This has been happening for several months now.
I have replaced fuel pump fuel. mass air sensor and car starts but when it comes time to leave from a stand still it makes like me using a walker and sputtering have I left of a hose or what ?
it came on after long trip then shut off car then turned service engine light lit up on start up
metric most likey. what is axle shaft outer nut size?