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Installed new fuel pump, ran for about 10 minutes and died. Will not start back up.
must rev car to 3000 rpm to get some heat, replace engine thermostat,radiator cap, and antifreezee,still then same
was told the problem is o2 & nock sensors, the car runs fine but will not pass inspection. it has 135k miles. how much to repair?
was runnin fine now cranks and then stalls.changed fuel filter.
metric most likey. what is axle shaft outer nut size?
a/c comp working nice cool air comming out from center and rear vents only and not from the front only air and not cool air.
I am replacing the thermostat and the manaul says to remove the timing cover ,but the back of the cover is behind the camshaft gears and can not be moved without removing the gears . there is not enough room to get th...
Tried to refill freon, not the problem, has holes in the hose. How much and how extensive is this problem?
During acceleration the engine or front end vibrates. Coasting at any speed is fine.
how do i get to where the tiny light bulbs are for the speedodometer and tach to replace them.
My village started running rough and stalling out. My brother replaced the fuel pump and distributor. It still runs rough and acts like it will stall out. It doesn't want to go any faster then 25 - 35 mph. The che...
I don't know where the idle motor is located and how it should be cleaned.
where is the maf sensor located
Changed plugs, cap, rotor, wires and still having idle issues. Runs fine at speed but drops down to 400 rpm or less at idle then back to 650 until engine stalls. I have yet to see a check engine light.
Read forums, tried disconnecting MAFS, O2 and TPI sensors. No Luck. I ran concentrated injector cleaner through gas... Worked for 2 weeks! Problem returned.. Tried same treatment... no luck this time! Thing runs like ...