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will start on occasion but most of the time I have to feather the gas to get it started and then it idles fine, have no engine light on
start agan untile you let it cool down again then it starts right up again it will run 10 min. shut off again
The drivers side window only works ocasionally It is only when I try to roll it up. It rolls down fine as do all the other windows. Also, the rear wiper does not work. I can hear the wiper motor trying to work. Someti...
my van keep shutting off when i applied presser to the brake. i took it to auto-lab which told me i needed a tune-up. i got a tune-up with replaced sparke plugs-cap-rotor. My engine light stays on and when running it ...
My mechanic told me I need to replace my motor mounts asap. If I am looking at all four, what is the cost of the mounts, and how many hours of labor for each one ($95/hour)?
I have a 1999 Mercury Villager which pulls to the right while driving. The steering wheel turns slightly to the right the entire time I am driving. The right front tire is wearing quicly on the outside. Car was al...