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Not leaking fluid lines look good But when i bleed rear wheel. It unlocks drive less than a few miles wheel lock back down?
replaced compressor,dryer,cooling fan and runs fine now but when air is off and fan cuts on the temp gauge jumps from normal to 1st hot line...then cools back down...wondering if air in system.if so then where are bl...
what could it be it did not starve for fuel it just quit and wont restart ??? electrical ??? maybe coil or could it be a fuse what do you think
my 97 villager died on my way to work and got it home,it turn over,so figure it would be fuel pump went and got one,stillwont start,tested fuel relay ,ok im getting the pump to work when i jump wireit.but still no sta...
We have a key, but it doesn't seem to work. Can't find a release anywhere.
Does the Mercury villager have fuse or relay to keep it from shifting?
front ac working great but rear ac not working at all 1997 mercury villager