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Sometimes I can restart it a couple times to get the blower/windows/wipers to come on but then they will suddenly stop working when I'm on the road. I've been told it's the ignition electrical switch.
I changed the flasher switch and it worked for about 10 hours and the hazard lights started flashing again.
While stopping at a light the car engine shuts off. If pulling into a driveway the car engines shuts off. If accelerate between 40 - 50 mph it chuggs but once past 55 mph the engine runs smoothly. If it is cold out...
I need to know where the fuel reset is.
I have a popping noising and it sounds like it is coming from the drivers'side, the check engine light will come on and when it pops it looses power and either dies or rpms get low. This is my daily driver and i'm s...
95 mercury tracer, chugged on acceleration, it was a plugged converter, now since i got new converter, after driving a lil while it makes a popping noise and the check engine light comes on, today i drove it it made...
I have a 95 mercury tracer 1.9, I fixed the chugging on acceleration problem, now after driving for a bit it will make a popping sound then check engine light will come on and lose power for a bit then will go back ...
Is the fuel sendin unit part of the fuel pump?
I is the compress or voltage for a good fuel pump? and i have never tested a fuel pump before could someone give me an idea how to thanks
where would the relay for the fuel pump be located? When i turn the key i hear the pump buzz for a couple sec and thats it. Shuldn't u hear the pump goin all the time?
would a bad fuel pump cause chuggin on acceleration, then after few mins the car gets back up to speed?
what makes chugging on acceleration, I also get very poor gas mileage
i asked a mechanic and he said that my timing belt needs replacing
New starter, Battery good also altenater but will run when kick start it is a manual shift
I don't know what these are called just that they look like giant springs. My right front wheel when I drive I keep thinking I have a flat tire but when I get out tio look the tire is fine. Today, driving home, I expe...