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where would the relay for the fuel pump be located? When i turn the key i hear the pump buzz for a couple sec and thats it. Shuldn't u hear the pump goin all the time?
would a bad fuel pump cause chuggin on acceleration, then after few mins the car gets back up to speed?
what makes chugging on acceleration, I also get very poor gas mileage
i asked a mechanic and he said that my timing belt needs replacing
New starter, Battery good also altenater but will run when kick start it is a manual shift
I don't know what these are called just that they look like giant springs. My right front wheel when I drive I keep thinking I have a flat tire but when I get out tio look the tire is fine. Today, driving home, I expe...
At first the car idled sporadic and stalled when I backed out. As days went by it got worse and worse.I would have to put the car in to park at EVERY stop and give gas so the car would not stall. The check engine ligh...
front seal on transmission slight leak, is there a quick fix?
when I fill up I can see a steady drip from underneath the car. If I park at a downward slope with the front of the car downwards the tank does not leak. If I park with the rear of the car facing the downward slope th...
where exactly is it?