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Need to know if it is safe to splice the wire harness that runs to the ac compressor? Wanting to add some more slack to wire harness to make it long enough to fit inside the housing.Thanks!
I have an 02 Mercury Sable. I closed the hood and the grill pop all the way out and onto the ground. Upon further inspection I noticed most of the clips and brackets are broken. I assume from years of slamming the hoo...
I went by the local O'Reilly and the machine put on it. The code is P1451 and it states possible control system canister solenoid. I have changed that and also bought a new gas cap. There is no gas smell or performanc...
when I turn left brake fluid on the ground from front left wheel
oil light started flickering 2 weeks ago at hot idle. has 193000 miles and does need an oil change.need new oil sensor switch??
Hi I have a Mercury sable 2002. When I turn the A/C On, RPM fall down and the battery lights turns on. especially at night when the head lights are on. sometimes the engine becomes off. Thanks
Car is chugging/missing while started and idling. Runs good while driving for the most part. Told its a crack in the ignition coil.
My ac/heat still works. Had thermostat changed. But the problem is the blower or fan doesn't blow out the main front vents or bottom vents so I do not get enough heat or cooling flow throughout the car. The front defr...
The engine light on my dash is constantly on--been for about 3-4 years. My car also loses power and quickly hums while the idle goes under 1 & AC or Heat is on. Oil lamp flickers also. But oil lamp flickers a lil bit ...
Thought it was a transmission issue, but had it checked & that came out ok. Every time I press gas, I get this air hissing sound. I can tell the car is struggling to switch gears in the higher gears.
2002 sable ,replaced motor due to hydro lockup. since installing new motor car runs rough at idle and battery light is on switched out the altenator 3 times and still does the same.. any ideas please