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I have checked the fuel flow the fuel pump the relay and the spark in the plugs it is all good. my car still wont start?
First off, this only happens when its cold outside, and the car runs fine in the summer or warmer temperatures. The car starts and idles fine for several minutes, then starts to sputter. After sputtering for severa...
My dash lights, and even my headlights turn on, but when I turn my key, there is no sound.
I just put my car into the shop to have the lower and upper intake manifolds repaired. while doing the repair the mechanic noticed leaking oil from my oil pressure sending unit. I had him replace the unit and degrease...
How do you replace the turning signal
Once it got cold (40*), car started having a rough (low) idle. Changed air idle control valve with little results. Car starts and runs fine for a few seconds, then rpm's drop, runs rough, backfires and eventually dies...
I was rearended and the plastic is broke, I have found a complet assembly at the junk yard for $300 includes bumper foam and cover, how difficult is this replacement
I just put in a new engine and the car keeps shutting down. it needs to be jumped after it sit awhile im not sure what it is. Wheni do jump it and put it in gear it cuts off, The battery is new and so is the alternator.
I've been having oil leaks for awhile now i took it to a mechanic and he told me it was my front main seal and would probably have to take the motor out to fix. Is there another way to do this without taking the motor...
heater stays on all the time even with a/c on note the comp. is running and still no way to get any cool air only heat can you help me bing thanks