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New pump and relay but wont start it turns over but wont stary
I brought my car in because it was misfiring and running sluggish. The mechanic said it was a cylinder issue and I needed to replace the spark plugs (possibly coils too).. I got the car back and its still misfiring an...
Where is the solenoid. How to check proper operation solenoid.
car check engine light is on, autozone trouble shoot OEM P1237
The car idles low and begins misfiring if i let it sit below 1k for too long. Check engine light is on and the codes that came up were P0171, P0175. It has been getting slowly worse and i would like to know what it is...
was only 1/2 quart low. only a slight clatter
the guy says it will cost 200 plus but autozone says if my car is a dual or single the price varies how can i tell if my head gasket is a dual or single
I changed the bulb and checked the fuse. When I look at the old bulb it's not burned out. I'm wondering where the problem can be besides the fuse and/or bulb. There is a crack in the tail light and water somehow gets ...
seems to come in around windshield/hood area,but where is it going to get on floorboards?