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I can drive it clear across town and it will start blinking like crazy. It has been checked three times and it checks out good could the voltage regulator in it be acting up??
the car does start but the battery acts like its draining!!there is no switches on or lights!! it runs good but when you accellerate it flashes what would cause this??
Caused one of my vacuum lines to melt
Sometimes when I put my car in park the rpms start getting higher and higher until I have to cut car off to stop it.
Hubby had hot air coming out at first, then he shut off the car. When he restarted, only cold air. He "burped" accordingly. He states that he hears a flapping, (like maybe a small "door" is loose?) in the duct work. T...
There is suppose to be a way to tell how old a tire is plus I heard they could cause a blow out because of "Dry Rot"?
Had a winding noise when accelerating, but would go away after it was driving for a while. then on a long trip, the car just stopped moving after about 25 minutes. it would rev, have rpm's, but was like the car was in...
The key fob locks and unlocks all doors, the inside buttons on both the driver and passenger side will not unlock any door. Push unlock and nothing happens. The inside button will lock the doors.
could It be a fuse and where is it located?
When starting (hot or cold) the RPM goes to 2000 and then down to 900 1-2 seconds later. When driving down the road put the transmission in neutral the RPM goes to 2-3000. I have replaced the IAC, TPS plugs and wir...
rd of the car. Could this be a shock or something similar.
Had new serpintine belt and adjustor put on. During the replacements, alternator was tightened and battery disconnected. I don't no why. Heater works, aircondioner does not. Can replaceing a fuel filter affect the air...