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it moves a lot and the battery is not charging
While driving my vehicle it act like the transmassion just stop. I just had the right front tranaxle replace it leak a lot of fluild from that right side .
While driving my vehicle stopped and would not go in any gear just had new right front tranaxle put in and notices it leak a lot of fluid from that right side
There is no pressure or resistance at all when I pump the brake pedal. There is brake fluid in the reservoir. I have no idea at all as to any other brake problems that he might have had in the past. Any suggestio...
i've brought a new battery.and altanator it still shuts off
I have done all the things everyone has told me to do on here and now the battery light if flashing again now what??
most of the time it happens when driving at night or day battery seems to get drained in the process. Had alternator, starter and battery terminals all replaced but it is still doing same thing.
replaced battery and alternator after about 2 months now when I try to start it kind of drags then starts up or makes no sound then starts up
Had to replace oxygen sensor. cleared codes but they still come back on saying oxygen sensor needs replaced
I checked the battery and it's good. I tightened the battery cables and checked the fuses. When it is hooked to another vehicle it will turn over but not start. When disengaged from the other car it acts dead. It happ...
My cars rpms seem to be off. When idling theyre around 500 and when im on the interstate driving 70mph theyre around 1500. Sometimes theyll get stuck around 1500 and then shoot up to 2500 when on interstate. I just pu...