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Im looking for the fuse panel. lookin for the fuse that controls the radiator fans.
driving back from reno to coast lost power to wheels.checket the fluid did not hit the stick put in 4 qts
I slid into a curb on the ice and bent the tie rod. This is the first time that this has happened.
car turns over slowly than just clicks. i tested battery with multi meter and battery tested good.
I replaced the pump, put in some new fluid and it spilled over. Put more fluid not beyond the cold fill limit... spilled again. Anyhow, now it seems to hold its "juice" but the power steering is sporadic, sometimes th...
a metal hose coming from the lower left side is loose (off), iut has a washer and bolt but can't seem to find out how to reconnect it, so it's leaking radiator fluid
Every time I come to a complete stop, my car will die after about 10 seconds. This happens at stoplights and stop signs. Any ideas?
the temperature is stuck at 75 degrees and there is no heat. this occured after a battery change.
this unit was replaced in june. the hoses tighted and now the antifreeze in blowing all over my car. The cap is on but will not tighten. Help has the reservoir gone bad agin.
where is the ecm located? Mine is bad and need to replace it.
Including installation, what would it cost to replace the rear bumper? Thank you......
The power seating in the driver's seat isn't working and the seat is all the way back. What part should I be looking for when going to Auto Repair shops?
We need instructions to replace the front strut, drivers side, on our 1999 Mercury Sable. Is it hard to do in the driveway or should a mechanic do it?
intermitent surging when the car is stopped at idle also some stalling and hardstarting (car requires 3 or 4 attempts every time to start)?