My turn signals fuse blows evrey other day, then i have to change it.

Why does my car shakes at a normal speed?

One became detached. There are two places where the electric nodes attach via what looks like soldering to the defrost grid on the rear window (which raises up independent of the rear door). The nodes are at the end of coiled, soft black rubber-coated wiring which hangs visibly near the rear window from the ceiling of the car. Safelite windshield repair has already been contacted -- they do not do this locally. Seems like a fairly simple process, but want a pro who knows what they are doing as I don't want to take a chance having my rear windshield crack with too much soldering heat.

The radio will work when car is in park but when you put it into gear the radio stops working and also the air and heat the blower on the same panel with the radio does not work

Brake fluid is not getting to the rear brakes. Some type of porportion value, can not find location. Help!

It started with the icon light indicating a door was open staying on all the time. Slammed all the doors. The light won't go off. Then the interior overhead light wouldn't shut off. Tried the dimmer switch. No effect. Took the bulb out. Now the day/running lights won't shut off after I turn my car off. I unplug the batter cable every time to prevent draining the batter. What's going on and how much is this going to cost me?


Belt came loose and then pulleys turning cut through belt.

the courtsey/dome lights stay on all the time..even when ignition is off..tried dimmer dial..no luck..open/close doors..no luck..finaly removed bulbs..can not find any door switches on outside door..

How do I replace the oil pan gasket?

How to remove a alternator

the light showing that the doors are open will not go out even if the doors are shut

how do you change the headlight bulb

My turn signals always work in the morning. However, during other times of the day, they may or may not work...sometimes they work for a short period of driving, and then they may not work...and then they can work again...etc

How do you repair the shift indicator so that it shows if your in drive, part, etc.