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Belt came loose and then pulleys turning cut through belt.
the courtsey/dome lights stay on all the time..even when ignition is off..tried dimmer dial..no luck..open/close doors..no luck..finaly removed bulbs..can not find any door switches on outside door..
How do I replace the oil pan gasket?
How to remove a alternator
the light showing that the doors are open will not go out even if the doors are shut
how do you change the headlight bulb
My turn signals always work in the morning. However, during other times of the day, they may or may not work...sometimes they work for a short period of driving, and then they may not work...and then they can work ag...
How do you repair the shift indicator so that it shows if your in drive, part, etc.
what would keep the transmission from upshifting when accelerating?
i need intstruction on how to replace a water pump.
Where is the filler cap located for the addition of transmission fluid. Near the dip stick? Manual does not show location.
when i put my 1997 mercury sable in gear the power steering,radio, windows stop working but when i put the car into park in starts working again it started a few weeks ago just in reverse what could this be
Should my cooling fans stay running all the time and therefore I do not get enough heat inside the car? Is there a relay or sensor and where are they located, how do you check them. I just recently changed my thermost...