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has been done. the only thing i have not done is the air bypass valve n a tranny flush/filter.
After losing power, I have to stop the car. I turn engine off then back on. It works okay for another few miles then the same thing happens. what might be causing this?
it also shifts hard when shifted from park into drive
New ignition has been put in. Battery tested good. Starter tested good. So frustrating. Car starts in the morning, but won't in afternoon. Sometimes there is a small grumble, mostly nothing clicks. I go back in the c...
It starts just fine but won't move when i put it in gear.
What is the approximate fair cost to replace the intake manifold gasket?
How do i change the spark plugs myself because i seem to cannot find the spark plugs. I just bought the car and i want to change them myself
when I start the vehicle, I am unable t oput the car in gear, also the brake lights do not work
i was driving my car and it just started stalling and when i did get it to start again it was like it wasnt getting enough gas.So i replaced fuel pump,fuel filter,fuel pressure regulator,spark plugs,plug wires,distrib...
My Sable vapor locks when the outside temps near mid 90's -100 degrees. Any fix for this?
had tran rebuilt 1 1/2 yrs ago,reverse works fine it seems to be just 1st gear,do i need a readjustment maybe,or could a flush help me. when i turn corners,it gets slightly jerky,like its tring to catch up with the sp...
temperature gage doesn't work. It stays at the cool side even with the heater or ac on. It moves very little.
I got a 94 mercury sable transmission is slipping when taking off in forward or reverse drives fine wants you get it moving can you help me
while driving motor shut off, tried to start cranked with nothing turning over tach bouncing up and down noises coming from electric fuel pump and from what seems to be under hood. After being towed home that night ...